Friday, February 13, 2015

First fever

Maia turned two months old yesterday! Hooray! Not hooray: that meant a round of two month vaccinations. Three shots in the leg and one nasty medicine orally.  I had to leave the room while she got the shots, I couldn't handle it. Thank goodness grandma was there to hold her still for the nurse.  She screamed so much, it didn't matter that I was in the hallway.  It completely broke my heart.  Then she got a fever and when I gave her the Tylenol the first time, I accidentally pushed too much into her mouth, and she started coughing, then threw up all the medicine plus her last meal, which had already started to digest so it smelled sour.  This, after I had just changed her into a clean outfit.  I did better the second time, but she really doesn't like to eat it.  All through this though she has been her sweet, happy self, no fussing, all smiles and bright eyes.  Best baby ever.

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