Tuesday, May 26, 2015

MitoWalk 5k

Linh helped organize a walk with UCSD to fund cures for mitochondrial diseases. Maia of course was awake the entire 5 kilometers in her stroller. This child just does not sleep.


Maia and me working on an iTunes playlist.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

5 months old today!

It's crazy that she's this old already and equally crazy that she's only been part of our lives for such a short time!  It definitely seems like she's known us forever.  She is getting over her first cold, and has started to grumble a lot more than she used to, but not sure yet if that's simply related to the cold. She also now hates getting her diapers and clothes changed, which she used to be totally zen about.  She is consistent with her self appointed bedtime of between 8 and 9:00.   She has started eating apples and bananas, and can pick up her own toys, which inevitably go in her mouth. Favorite toys: silicone toothbrush, Sophie the giraffe (she makes such a satisfying squeak against the gums!), pacifier for eating food (GENIUS!), my hair, fiber optic butterflies.  Least favorite things to do: wait at stop lights, dry off after a bath, put on sleeves, fail at crawling/standing up/running/jumping/destroying/flying (I can't bring myself to tell her the last one won't ever come around)(I tried really hard when I was a kid). Favorite things to do: stand up with help, gum everything, get tickle kisses, watch cartoons, drool.

No chance to transfer photos from the camera so here's a shot from my phone

Naps with mommy are the best

So cozy

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Peaceful morning snack

Maia is sitting here just calmly taking in the room while she eats her breakfast