Saturday, January 31, 2015

I just can't get over these two

Look how cute she is! Her widdle wegs all bunched up!  She is so passed out.

Daddy snuggle

Maia loves sleeping on her daddy's chest. He is pretty squishy, after all.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Cinderella may have had little birds and mice

But I've got this little nugget all snuggled up for my sewing companion.  The pillow on top of her is my heat pillow for sore muscles; I've found that if I heat it up to just warm and place it on her, it keeps her asleep as if my hand was there instead.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hanging out with Grandma

Miss Maia just refused to go to sleep after about 5 o'clock yesterday. I had to hold her and walk around or rock her for about 4 hours until Rene got home and took over.  She was a little fussy but not incredibly; she just wouldn't stay asleep!  As soon as I stopped singing her lullabies she'd wake up; my throat got so dry I had to record myself singing and play it back over and over again (thank god for smart phones, don't ever have a child without one).  Finally this morning we had an appointment so I had to strap her into her car seat and she's been asleep ever since.  I drove around for an extra two hours to keep her asleep, and that was 4 hours ago.  I can't bring myself to wake her up!  Grandma has taken over so I could finally get a bit of sleep.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Big girl bed

Sleeping on her side like mommy likes to do.  Everything she does is just so tiny and cute!

Little doll

Sometimes I just can't stop admiring her perfect little face.  Little nose, little mouth, little eyes, all so beautifully made.  It's truly amazing to me.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Growing so fast

Maia is growing so fast, she's already 8.4 pounds! At least once a day I look at her and am grateful that she was so small when I delivered her, because now that she's the size of a normal newborn, I can see that my delivery would have gone very differently....

This is the life

So cozy, in bed reading a book, Maia sound asleep on my chest, wonderful way to spend a winter morning.  (Nevermind that I'm supposed to be cleaning the house for company tonight, how can I do that when today she only wants to sleep with me?  Dear Maia, thanks for giving me an ironclad excuse to not do chores. 😊)

An ode to primates

One thing you discover while taking care of a newborn is that you have more appendages than just your arms and legs; your hips, your chin, your nose, all become incredibly useful when it comes to completing tasks one-handed.  Also, I've found that I am surprisingly dexterous with my toes

A little bird in her nest

Breakfast time! She looks so much like her Uncle Fernando in the last picture.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Right now, Maia is eating and pooping at the same time, just like our rabbit.


Hello, all!

This blog exists to document all the shenanigans that my new baby, Maia Rose, and I get up to here in SoCal, and to satisfy the demand for updates and photos.  I'm going to start off this first post with catching everyone up on her newborn pictures.  She was only 5lbs 11oz, a tiny little nugget of a baby.  You can see how small she was in the picture with Rene holding her.  She was so wee!