Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hanging out with Grandma

Miss Maia just refused to go to sleep after about 5 o'clock yesterday. I had to hold her and walk around or rock her for about 4 hours until Rene got home and took over.  She was a little fussy but not incredibly; she just wouldn't stay asleep!  As soon as I stopped singing her lullabies she'd wake up; my throat got so dry I had to record myself singing and play it back over and over again (thank god for smart phones, don't ever have a child without one).  Finally this morning we had an appointment so I had to strap her into her car seat and she's been asleep ever since.  I drove around for an extra two hours to keep her asleep, and that was 4 hours ago.  I can't bring myself to wake her up!  Grandma has taken over so I could finally get a bit of sleep.

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